Window Maid

Windows So Clean, You'll Think They're Open!
Got Dirty Windows? tm

Most people do. 

The problem is we hate to clean them.  It's a time consuming, frustrating, dirty job.  We continually put it off again and again, and it usually doesn't get done.

Relax! Take it easy!  You deserve the break! 

Let us make your windows sparkle and shine! No messy streaks to obstruct the view. When we clean your windows you will have bright, pristine, and clear windows to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. You'll have the brightest, cleanest windows in your nieghborhood!

Our special solution loosens all dirt, bird droppings, debris and we can even tackle hard-to-get tree sap and mulch spores and hard water deposits!  Yep, we can even get that nasty, almost impossible to clean film of hard water deposits so common in basement windows! 

No rag streaks! We squeegee the windows to get the best sparkle and streak-free shine. Rags are only used for touch-up finishing, that way your windows stay clear so you can see unobstructed views.

Why squeegee? People who clean with rags will notice that the rags leave residual streaks that are revealed when the sun hits them. Our professional window cleaning service provides streak-free cleaning! The only time we use rags is so to touch-up edges, window seals and tracks. This gives you the best view possible.

You will notice the difference in your windows when we clean them.

We Guarantee it!
(check out our Guarantee that no one else will touch!)